Say hello to our latest crush

Don't let the pale pink fool you, this wine's only blushing from all the attention. Most bottles of Rosé are imported or created as small batch offerings, that means a premium price tag. Fortunately, Dark Horse winemaker, Beth Liston, decided to take summer by the grapes and create a fruit-forward, Provence-style Rosé that pairs perfectly with sunshine and backyard budgets.

Beth's Method

Timing the harvest for peak flavor

No oak contact

Artfully blending a variety of red grapes, primarily Grenache and Barbera

What You'll Taste

Complex, rich fruit

Fruit-forward flavor

Delightfully layered fruit

Think Rosé can’t hang at a backyard BBQ? Think again. Dark Horse Rosé sips amazingly well with chips and dips, and will bring your smoky burger to a new level of 'nom'.

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